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Homeland Security Corporation
The Complete Solution Provider
HSC is a leading innovator, consultant and implementer of security driven technologies that can be deployed in any environment to meet a clients security or regulatory needs. Our primary mission is to protect people, property, infrastructure, and our clients’ high value assets by mitigating threats, guiding regulatory agencies, and integrating new and novel technologies to help the client every step of the way. More
​HSC is awarded a contract for the first crane video system to work in a high heat environment. This system can function in up to 210 degrees F without the use of fans or coolants and can transmit video through the existing WiFi system to a recorder sitting on the production floor. The system is designed to be rugged and can work in almost any environment.

Washington Video: HSC Consultant Gordon Fagras attends Washington State Regulatory Conference More>
Security and surveillance systems.
MMJ/MJ consultation and solutions.
Crane video tracking systems.
Supporting all of our clients needs from large to small, with over 40 years experience in the security/surveillance and Process Monitoring industries. HSC's vast knowledge base and our technical ability allows us to tailor a solution as well as provide options to meet your specific needs and keep you within your budget. More >
​We learned the MMJ business in Colorado literally from the ground up. Security, Surveillance, Access Control, Licensing, Regulatory Compliance, Operations, Point of Sale, Lab Analysis. We are continuing our work through our new Division (HSC Surveillance) who are designing compliant systems to meet the industry's ever changing needs More >
​HSC innovates for safety: With over 8 years of working with clients that operate large overhead crane systems, we developed an industry first in safety. The Crane Cam system was developed to save lives and resources and we are planning a full scale industry launch of this product. More >
The HSC strategy has taken a new turn in that we have created a new division (HSC Surveillance) to handle all of the new inquiries and business that we are receiving from the MMJ/MJ and Hemp industries. HSC Surveillance has created a focused plan of attack in an effort to advance the industry as well as help define it.  More
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